Terms of Use

Our systems are in place for automated processing of information from the government agency to which you are indebted and desire to make payment through have been tested thoroughly and are subject to multiple levels of backup, confirmation and security. By using this automated payment system, you (hereinafter “USER”) acknowledge and understand that EZCourtPay, LLC is providing this service as an agent of the government agency to which you are making a payment for the strict purpose of accepting electronic payments due to the government agency and remitting such funds to the government agency. EZCourtPay, LLC has no legal authority related to the USER's obligation to the government agency in any manner. By using this system, USER also acknowledges errors may occur just as errors can occur with human processing of information. By using this service, you agree that this is voluntary and that you (the "USER") understand that the service fee added to the payment(s) being made are charged by the Provider to pay for merchant processing fees, web hosting fees, administration and other costs and expenses associated with providing this service. No part of the service fee benefits the government agency, or, any specific civil service individual or any jurisdiction in which the charges or fees were levied, incurred or are being paid. The fees charged by EZCourtPay, LLC are non-refundable.

By submitting this information to us electronically, you agree to release the government agency, court, judge, prosecutors, civil service individuals or any jurisdiction in which the charges or fees were levied, and EZCourtPay, LLC, its principals, officers, directors, employees, agents, attorneys, affiliated companies, successors and assignees from any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected to the use of the service or with the delay or inability to use it, or for any information, software, products and services obtained through this program, or otherwise arising out of the use of this program, the internet generally, or on any other basis (whether based on contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise.) EZCourtPay, LLC will not be responsible for any security breaches or non-compliance with Federal or State law or terms of this agreement which results in any act or omission of the USER or a third party unrelated to the negligence of the Provider.
Other than the disclosure of personal information that is usual and customary to process the payment being made, and to the fullest extent possible, identifying private information will not be distributed to any party in any manner or for any purpose. No data records or other information will be used, released or sold, leased or loaned to any third party. Noinformation will be released to any other party unless such party requires the information for purposes of processing or providing another service essential to completing the transaction related to the payment(s) being made. The one exception to the non-disclosure of personal information is law enforcement investigating credit card fraud.

EZCourtPay, LLC (the "Company") agrees to use all reasonable efforts to provide accurate processing of information obtained from files provided by the government agency, and to diligently distribute information provided by the USER to the government agency. EZCourtPay, LLC cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of any information provided and expressly disclaims and disavows any warranty, including warranty of merchantability and/or warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or use under the Georgia Commercial Code beyond the extent of the service fees paid by the user of the service. EZCourtPay, LLC will not be liable for incomplete, incorrect or fraudulent information provided by the USER.